On the Scene Bags for Summer 2017


Summer bags 2017

Summer time shine has begun! Pompoms, Fringes, seagrass, raffia, straw bags are some of our favorites for the season.


Pool side our Seagrass Tote handwoven semi-circle shape with a rounded bottom bag sits pretty yet functional to "tote" all your summer daily essentials.

tote; seagrass tote; beach bag; summer bag 2017; vacation bag

Not just for poolside, our Seagrass Tote can be styled to complete your summer look.

tsummer bags 2017; beach bag; straw tote

Our Circle Rattan Bag is a definite must have to add to your summer bag collection. 

circle bag; round bag; summer circle bags 2017


Our playful hand embroidered pouches features word "Mermaid", "Ahola" and "Ciao".

All accented with colorful pompoms and a removable tassel keychain.

Summer statement bag!

Embroidered Pompom pouch, summer bags 2017

ciao embroidered pouch; pompom pouch; summer bags 2017

When you thought it was over...and realized there is more & it just keeps getting better.

Handwoven straw fringe clutch

Straw fringe clutch; pompom clutch purse

CHEERS to Summer!

Take a peek at our new collection so much more to see!