About us


Chic, trendy & playful MimicDesigns online boutique presents a collection of fashion accessories “must-haves” of handbags, jewelry and footwear.

After finding a lack of quality yet trendy affordable accessories, MimicDesigns purposed to create accessible designs that capture the current trends in fashion. The product line is constantly updated with a wide array of styles. Each handmade design is crafted with the utmost attention to quality. 

"We take time to source each piece of leather used for our handbags, to ensure our customers get the very best. To get the best does not mean you have to pay a fortune and that's the niche I am doing my best to fill"

-Mary Ann Nikel/Owner 

Another amazing aspect of MimicDesigns is the ability to customize just about any style you see in the shop. The size, leather and zipper color all can be whatever you wish. Just ask for more information on customizing: maryann.mimicdesign@gmail.com




Made to Love


Mary Ann Nikel


E-mail: maryann.mimicdesign@gmail.com

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